Monday, February 28, 2011

National BroadBand Plan: It's Impact on Digital Divide - Low Income Families

Lifeline Changes Impact on Low Income Families

Lifeline is a program to help with low income individuals and families to receive basic telephone service. This was designed back in the ‘80’s and is part of the USF or Universal Service Fund Program. There is straight to the point benefits and clear cut tasks that is the main plan of the program. The National Broadband assist all Americans to have equal access to the internet.

But, now fast forward to a new century. Times have changed because of a thing called the Internet. So, DSL and Broadband uses the telephone lines so people can receive Internet service along with telephone services. This is a bundled package to help save money. So, there now is going to be a USF reform.

The FCC is getting involved with Lifeline to help low income families and individuals. More and more schools everyday have Internet services and children have to come home and do research on the Internet to do their homework. There are also a number of other reasons why people need to have the Internet. Seniors that are alone can have something to do and talk to families for example.

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